1-d-1 Wildlife Valuation

For new landowners, the process of converting from a traditional 1-d AGricultural tax valuation to a 1-d-1 Wildlife valuation seems some what overwhelming.  The process is actually simple. 

Today, many new landowners prefer the option of managing their property for wildlife versus owning livestock or leasing their newly purchased land to a third party to run livestock or produce a crop.  Qualifying land use is necessary to enable keeping an AGricultural tax valuation on the property.  If the existing use of the land has been documented as “AGricultural use” by the associated Appraisal District, then the land can be quickly converted to Wildlife Management. First, realize that each County Appraisal District has minimum size requirements, and they can differ from one county to the next. 

NOTE:  If the property in question is not currently recognized and documented via the associated Appraisal District as “In AGricultural Use”, then a 1-d-1 Wildlife Management conversion cannot be performed!  

Texas Property Tax Code requires that a property must be used for 5 years under Agricultural recognition via the associated Appraisal District prior to conversion to Wildlife Management use. 

If the property you are evaluating or purchasing is currently used for “AG”, then proper completion and submission of the Texas Parks & Wildlife – Wildlife Management Plan to your appraisal district is step one in converting to Wildlife Management.  PAGE 1 of the multi-page management plan is pictured below.

Reference  http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us./landwater/land/private/agricultural_land/ 

The plan requires the minimum implementation of 3 of the following 7 management practices.

Habitat Control

Erosion Control

Predator Control

Making Census Counts To Determine Population

Provide Supplemental Supplies Of Water

Provide Supplemental Supplies Of Food

Provide Shelters

Once underway you will find it relatively easy to perform more than the minimum practices necessary to meet the guidelines.  Several of the associated posts on my BLOG are focused on specific practices you can perform.

I have assisted landowners with their 1-d-1 plans since 1999.  I incorporate the required management practices into what I call “NATURESCAPING”.  The results are both biologically productive,  aesthetically pleasing, and increase the value of your property!

Other sites to research for assistance:

Texas AgriLife Extension – https://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/