Why Are Feral Hogs A Problem In Texas?

Put simply, the primary problem that Hogs present in Texas is Property Damage. The picture in the header shows damage land on a Hempstead, Texas area golf course in 2019 that was caused by Wild Hogs in Texas.

Why are the hogs so hard to manage and control?

Simply put, their reproduction capacity.  CLICK on the blue link “CARY HOG VIDEO” that follows.  Use a full-screen view if available!!  Cary Dietzmann Hog Video 

I shot this video while walking my ranch in the Cat Spring area of Austin County Texas.

This is a “SOUNDER” or herd of wild pigs. The springtime Sounders in this area usually consist of a dominant boar, several subordinate boars,  4-10 mature sows,  and all their related offspring.  If you look closely you can see the differing sized piglets and their different markings.  The youngest, obviously smaller, but also have distinct camouflaging stripes. These markings begin to fade as the piglets grow.

Sounders are notorious rooters, capable of destroying crops, yards, pastures, and as seen above…golf courses.  If unchecked, a Sounder this size is capable of damaging several acres, or Golf course greens and fairways in only a couple nights time.

How many hogs did you count in this video?