Seller's Tips - Visual Tours

Utilizing technology to sell your Ranch, Country Home, or Land…gainfully!

Selling property with confidence! Research has proven that interactive Visual Tours are the most effective way to leverage your listing in the marketplace.

Past clients will attest to the profitability of my unique Visual Tour Compositions!

It makes sense that approximately 90% of Luxury Property Specialists offer Virtual Tours as a standard part of their marketing strategy. Luxury clientele on both sides of the transaction (buyers & sellers) expect excellent customer service and value-added services.

 Today’s consumers and my Visual Tours – Buyers & Sellers love, love, love, my Visual Tour compositions.

Here is why. Welcome to Internet reality where your property will be searched, probed, questioned, compared and possibly eliminated from contention without you ever knowing someone was interested. 95% of Real Estate consumers are searching the internet before ever contacting a real estate company. Your potential buyer is not “surfing the Internet” anymore, they are consuming content! Why? Because when it comes to a country property purchase, they are considering it to be a long term investment and wealth preservation tool, not just a recreational outlet.

Shopping is no longer about showing up at a store or in this case a real estate brokers office seeking advice, counsel or information. Today’s consumers are educated and are interested in both their privacy and convenience. 70% of property searches online are conducted from their homes, the remaining 30% divided between their place of employment and a mobile device. These demanding consumers want and often expect a “Visual Feast” of imagery and information that enables them to “sell” themselves on the merits of your property. Research indicates that peoples’ attention spans are falling, thus interactivity is a must! 

My Visual Tour productions are designed to enable potential buyers, who often avoid interacting with a sales agent, the experience to easily engage with your property at an emotional level.  These tours are captivating and buyers enjoy the freedom to explore your property independently, over and over again.  My tours blend high-resolution images, drone videos, maps, surveys, property data, narrative, music and natural sounds that grab your buyer by the hand and lead them through the story that is your property!

Real Estate marketing is about selling a “feeling”.

I  cannot overstate the importance of your property’s online presence.  Essentially the online version of “CURB APPEAL”. Even the most beautiful property with mediocre visual marketing will drop to the bottom of search lists.

Virtual tours function like a continuous open-house. Working on an emotional level, these tours help create an instant sense of ownership, enabling the buyer to imagine themselves owning and utilizing your property.

Property listings with Visual Tours receive 50% more views than listings with photos alone:


 *“hold” buyers on your listing for longer periods of time than those with conventional photos.

 *get Social media “love” e.g. sharing of your listing by buyers on their Social media sites, freely advertising your property to others…

 *enhance your listings search engine presence with Google

*are unique and no two tours alike

*generate analytical activity and history reports

*reduces unnecessary and inconvenient showings

*are active and available 24-7

*feature characteristics of your property that photos alone cannot detail

*excellent at giving a stale listing new vigor

*often generates a higher initial offer, that in turn leads to a higher ending sales price


Incomparable Internet exposure including:, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, & Instagram