Seller's Tips - The Right Questions

Utilizing technology to sell your Ranch, Country Home, or Land…gainfully!

Selling property can become complicated and stressful. Especially if it’s been a while in between your real estate transactions and if mistakes are made in the process. Selecting a listing agent, determining list price, engaging potential legal counsel, laboring through the selling process, managing the inconvenience of showings and negotiating the terms of the contract, can seemingly all pile up against you. So let’s try to manage some of this by starting with selecting a listing agent.

Selecting a listing agent is like choosing a business partner. Choose someone who works for you and with you. You are interviewing someone for a job! Can you trust them? Are they honest? Will they set your listing in motion or just post it? Are they passionate about your business? Do they speak from the heart?

Pay attention to detail…not fluff! Your selection criteria should include experience, education, creativity, communication and negotiation skills. Beyond an expensive automobile and designer clothing, a great listing agent lives and dies by their marketing tools!

Finally, ask for a guarantee! If a listing agent or Broker won’t guarantee performance, and/or release you from a listing upon request….you probably made a mistake!


Selling property with confidence! Research has proven that interactive Visual Tours are the most effective way to leverage your listing in the marketplace.

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