Seller's Tips - Mistakes Sellers Make

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Two of the most common mistakes property sellers make when selecting a listing agent are associated with:
  1. Who offers the highest listing price
  2. Who offers the lowest proposed commission
The highest initial listing price may actually be the most detrimental to your sales process.  Always ask for supporting data. Then analyze this data. Remember the market of buyers ultimately controls the sales price of the property. If your price is set initially too high, the market will respond accordingly. Buyers are reluctant to make offers on clearly overpriced properties and the longer your listing sits on the market, the more it takes on a stigma of a property with a problem. This often leaving sellers entangled in the stress and emotions of little activity.
Note: Platinum Brokers can offer premium services to their clients to assist them in conducting their own research.If you register with my HAR website you can view premium content without having to ask for it. You see everything online that I can see. Your data to support and guide decisions is now transparent. Remember these four key points affecting your property Sale: Location, Condition, Exposure, and Price!  The best sources for real estate data and pricing information are real estate Brokers with the Realtor designation and or licensed appraisers. 
Discount commissions – If the primary benefit a listing agent brings to your table is a cheap fee, ask yourself why?  Is this agent desperate or unqualified?  You must ask yourself how you will come out ahead if your list price gets reduced later in the sales process because you chose a lower fee agent, who cannot afford to provide premium marketing?
I offer discounted commissions on occasion under special circumstances…not to acquire premium listings.
Real Estate companies are not all equal. Each has their own marketing techniques, business strategy, and advertising budget. You’re seeking the greatest potential degree of exposure to the largest pool of potential buyers. This may not be to where some companies’ expensive and slick marketing materials point. Don’t get fooled by “chic”.


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